Installation and Maintenance

Machining, Finishes, Installation and Maintenance

Machining and Finishing of Architectural Bamboo Internal Timbers.

Yesbamboo’s LBT products are consistent with timbers of 700-800 kg/ m3in density. Bamboo can be described as being of medium density and of fine grain, Yes Bamboo LBT can be machined to exacting tolerances with standard joinery machinery / tools and suitable for CNC profiling and even laser detailing.

Predominately Yes Bamboo uses a resorcinol glue line, giving the added surety of being waterproof, Bamboo is compatible with all other glues typically used in the joinery industry such as PVA and Epoxy.

When bamboo is to be mechanical fixed pilot holes must be drilled.

Bamboo can be readily stained and finished and is compatible with any process applied to timber, stains or finishes being water, oil or spirit based, acid catalysed or polyurethane finishes are all accepted by bamboo fibre.

Installation and Maintenance of External Screening and Undercover Decking.

Yesbamboo Screening is suitable for fully exposed external applications in a vertical orientation with boards running any direction. Given this exposure to sun and weather, screening will require similar application and maintenance of protective finish as a deck might.

Yesbamboo Screening and Undercover Decking is available pre primed.

YESBAMBOO is an engineered ‘timber like product’ from naturally occurring bamboo; and as such, its long term performance is directly linked to its installation, exposure to the elements and the immediate application at time of installation an ongoing maintenance of a protective finish.

Yesbamboo Undercover Decking is suitable for horizontal application where the deck is covered by roof. These “outdoor room environments” is where the furniture grade quality of bamboo timbers will shine. Here Yesbamboo can be used to create built in joinery, day lounges with absolute quality, being underpinned by sustainability. Given, deck like installation requirements, a wet cleaning process can be undertaken with no concern to the suitability of timber or any concern over the occasional encroachment of weather.

In circumstances where Undercover Decking is in a more exposed location it should be expected that a far more rigorous maintenance regime will be required to combat deterioration and opportunistic surface moulds.

Please find Installation requirements relating to Screening and Undercover Decking outlined below :
1. All Yesbamboo products should remain protected from the elements prior to installation.
2. Yesbamboo H3 treated decking and screening products has been effectively treated in Australia to H3 as per AS 1604. H3 Treatment does not replace the requirement that bamboo just like timber will require the application and maintenance of a protective decking finish.

Installation: Joists at maximum of 450mm centres.

3. Install with grooved side down over well ventilated space allowing ample clearance to well drained ground, and ensure appropriate fall has been achieved. Install to relevant building code.
4. Face fix all boards by drilling of pilot hole and fixing with hot dipped galvanized hand nails or stainless steel screws to joist. Ensure that on completion a water based protective decking finish is worked into counter sunk areas.
5. During installation ensure all cuts and exposed ends of boards have been well sealed by brushing on a water based protective decking finish. This will help reduce the natural incidence of end checking.
6. Maintain 4 mm wide gap between sides of boards and at junction with walls, posts and other vertical elements to allow for expansion and contraction with seasonal climate changes.

Yesbamboo Screen and Undercover Decking has been primed all four sides for your convenience. Our tinted primer is compatible with most protective decking finishes. Yes Bamboo encourages testing of your selected protective finish and colour on a small sample before you install all over. Yes Bamboo encourages you to follow closely the protective finishes manufacturers recommendations for installation of their products.

You are required to apply a protective finish immediately on installation and maintain, The physical location, orientation and exposure to the elements of the Yes Bamboo product will dictate how what sort of maintenance is required and at what frequency.

Yesbamboo should not be allowed to weather or grey off, Yesbamboo requires at all times an applied and maintained protective finish to minimize the ingress of water and the destructive affects of the sun. Without a maintained protective finish Yesbamboo will be susceptible to surface mould, surface degradation and checking of fibre.

Sustainability is the only way into the future

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